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In the absence of law enforcement-specific training, military models are increasingly being introduced to fill this knowledge gap. While fundamentally sound, there is insufficient law enforcement data to determine whether military knowledge translation meets law enforcement needs.

The purpose of the VALOR (Violence Against Law Officer Research) Project is to develop an actionable data set identifying specific law enforcement systems issues and training interventions, thereby:

  1. Empowering officers with the knowledge to improve survival, and 
  2. Providing law enforcement executives and policy makers with the tools to make reasoned, educated practice decisions.
This website was developed to serve as a common point for data collection and information dissemination. On these pages, you will find information about ongoing VALOR Project studies, previous VALOR Project publications, and selected military publications which have potential implications for law enforcement operations involving care under fire. You will also find a link to the Law Enforcement Near Miss Database.

Any information (articles, video and audio recordings, etc.) found on this site is believed to be in the public domain, and is disseminated for educational purposes only. Any medical tactics techniques and procedures should be discussed with, and approved by, your department medical director.

Disclaimer 1 - Medical Care

Any guidelines and protocols provided on this site are based on the most current information available at the time of publication. I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information prior to posting, but I cannot be responsible for discrepancies or typographical errors.

Medicine is a constantly evolving science. At the time of posting, some of this data will already be out-of-date. It is posted to provide context for future practice advances. 

Providers are also cautioned not to rely on data from this site as a fixed ("cookbook") approach to patient care, but rather to tailor their therapy to the clinical context and to consult medical control for any concerns.

Any information on this site is not intended to replace your current SOPs. Rather, it is designed to empower you to save lives by placing your pre-existing medical training into your tactical framework.

Disclaimer 2 - Site Security

This site should not be considered secure. Any information posted is in the public domain. No classified or law enforcement-sensitive data should be posted on this site. 

If you feel that information provided hear compromises operational security, please let me know at once.
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